In accordance to the market dynamics,TG Broker S.A. continuously works on improving their services by offering larger coverage, competitive prices, diligence and quickness in its attention, with a wide and flexible insurance criteria.

The constant renewal in matters of Services and Coverages leads to new projects, development of special products and enhancement of our bonds with Insurance Companies and Advisors in other countries, etc..

This constant improvement in service and coverage matters allows TG Broker to effectively assess and attend the needs of a great number of enterprises and organizations and of thousands of people depending on them.

Customer service on a national level is done through direct collaborators with structures and premises destined especially to this purpose.


- Offering and general project presentation.
- Survey and analysis of insurable client portfolios.
- Preparation of bidding documents.
- Offer analysis on technical, commercial, financial and insurance levels.
- Risk analysis and management.
- Insurance cost reduction through centralized contracting and management.
- Development of technical and commercial baselines for new customer tailored products.
- Survey on the economic and financial situation of insurance companies.
- Access to the national and international reinsurance market.
- General assessment and support before, during and after contracting.
- Development of insurance strategies.
- Development of insurances for the clients personnel.


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