Our company has developed a strategic plan aimed at keeping a controlled and highly trained internal structure, in order to deal with a costumer segment formed by Key Accounts and Collective Institutions.

The Company is going through a pronounced expansion process both on National and International levels due to direct actions on local production and a defined strategy in foreign business relationships. Our Broker holds a leading position in the market and targeted from its beginning particularly two types of businesses:

- Multi-risk Programs
- Insurance Programs for state-owned companies and Provincial / County Governments.

TG Broker S.A. has its primary objective set to guarantee the appropriate coverage at the most convenient cost for its customers with specialized and reliable / solvent insurance companies, offering, above all, an excellent customer service. TG deals with first class insurance companies only, avoiding brand preference, in order to be able to choose the right company based on experience, cost, service and structure, for each costumer, according to their activity, geographic location, social and economic profile and of course, for each risk assessment in particular.

In matters of Reinsurance, TG operates in association with top Reinsurance Brokers, leveraging an access to international markets with longtime experience and security, and developing special coverage meeting specific needs and efficiently lowering the final insurance costs.


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