TG Broker S.A. is one of the leading brokers in developing programs to take care of patrimonies belonging to provinces, counties and public enterprises. These programs are developed based on legal statutes and norms for each province and a thorough analysis of their needs of insurance.

In order to develop these programs, two key needs were established:

- Need of insurance of public administration goods / properties.
- Need of insurance of public administration personnel.

The second item entails a special treatment in which certain structures are followed specifically aimed at personnel treatment and service.

Within "Multi-insurance" clients and in conjunction to the general insurance line, the first collective business segment to be developed was the "Presavings Plan", producing innovative life insurance programs for thousands of costumers participating in these systems; insuring thousands of vehicles, estates and appliances acquired with the credit lines managed through these programs, growing into the leading Broker in this field, having assessed in a direct or indirect way over 20 major enterprises.

TG then extended its services to the "banking" area, offering them consultancies on insurance commerce for clients in new terms of "service business", particularly regarding provincial banking, having collaborated with over 10 Banks in the establishment of bank-based insurances. The experience gathered in the banking business served afterwards also as basis to provide our services to approximately 15 Collective Entities with multiple different characteristic.


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